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New Schedule after the weekend

I’m headed out of town this weekend to a place without internet. So, nothing today, or on the weekend.

I’m thinking that I will shift to posting twice a week. On Sundays and Thursdays. That said, if anyone wants to help me keep track, let me know. Ya’ll can choose on other days if you like. Otherwise, two days a week, starting next Thursday. (actually, I’ll probably post on Monday, too, since no Sunday this weekend).

Have fun at conference.


The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 29-30, 2011

SilverRain wonders why no-one uses her new, practical seating charts in church.

Aaron R. considers how to judge with righteous judgment.

James F. tries to make friends with the mammon of unrighteousness.

CJ Douglass is a voyeur of Evangelicals. He may need to confess this to his bishop.

Geoff B. hops on the nearly universalist bandwagon.

Kent Larsen reviews a new tool for studying general conference talks.

Cynthia L. gets a write up at the Juvenile Instructor. Good for you, Cynthia!

Devyn doesn’t want a little less conversation.

Ronan reveals hypocrisy in ancient Israel.


Kent secretly longs for the return of road shows.

Rosalynde Welch labels the neat and the sweet.

Kent starts a flame war by suggesting that we should be able to rationally discuss the intersect between religion and politics.

Matsby rocks out! (like the cold November Rain)

Ziff sometimes gets upset by the unwritten order of things.

2010 AML awards have been announced.

Greg joins the list of folks who believe that the key to personal freedom is less personal involvement in government.

The person who wrote this headline has clearly never encountered the regular commentary on neckties and hairstyles at BCC during conference.

GreatWhiteHope is apparently a birther. Adjust your expectations of him accordingly.

You know what I like about the media’s portrayal of Mormons now? The fact that they make us look like anti-gay commandos running around with tasers, trying to shock the homosexuality out of people. Not that we didn’t encourage that in the past, of course, but still…

And now, that in-depth discussion of LDS-themed board games you’ve been waiting for. My favorite part: proudly proclaiming that college-age students at BYU act like little children.

The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 27-28, 2011

Considering not being daily in order to salvage my relationships with my family. We’ll see.

Dalene is hinting around about something, but I’m not sure what.

Ben notes an incident of Apostolic doctrinal disagreement.

MCQ considers the poetics of a Book of Mormon prophet.

Grant Hardy suggests ten things everyone should know about the Book of Mormon.

BiV engages in amateur psycho-analysis.

Scott B. offers the first in a series of Mormon-themed Merit Badges: Membership in the Ward.

J. Max makes an interesting analogy and then completely misses his own point. sigh.

Ardis begins a series on a shipwrecked sailor.

Blair reviews a book that does exactly nothing to dispel the common LDS perceptions about excommunicated scholars.

John Hamer reports from the 175th anniversary of the dedication of the Kirtland temple.

Acquinas gives us his notes from the JSPP blogger conference. Ben situates the entire JSPP project in Mormon Historical Research.

Bruce requests advice concerning a tricky historical puzzle.

Mormon Heretic tries to figure out who to believe regarding the connection between female healings and the Priesthood.

In addition to this advice, I say always play Bust a Move by Young MC. People love that song!

WVS wants you to share your stories of being bitten or chased by dogs.

ECS, if the young women looked like dementors, then I think the whole question would be moot.

The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 25-26, 2011

DKL admits his love of Cheezits. There is nothing to be ashamed of, my brother!

MikeinWeHo reviews the finale of Big Love. *Spoiler Alert*

Larry Richman reviews the Zuck’s visit to BYU.

J. Stapley reviews the new offerings at the JSPP website, including the Nauvoo Relief Society minutes.

Attention potential suitors, Tracy prefers old beat-up flowers (like Madonna in the Material Girl video). Buy an old truck from a farmer and you’re golden!

fMhLisa asks for advice about books on sex. This will, no doubt, end well.

Blair shares some notes from the JSPP blogger event.

Here is another Book of Mormon musical review.

Natalie wonders how the different roles a bishop plays come into conflict?

No post today

Overslept. Will have to do a double post next. Your patience is appreciated.

The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 24, 2011

S. Faux creates a list of odd quirks in Mormonism. I’m surprised it isn’t much, much longer.

Jim F. breaks down John’s Intercessory Prayer.

Blair issues a correction that will probably never be aired on NPR.

Scott delights himself in fatness.

Mark Brown reviews Patrick Mason’s book about Mormonism in my beloved Southland in the post-Civil War period. Good book, ugly period.

Thar’s Rustlers over by Keepa way!

Kent, once again, helps you craft your all-Mormon rotisserie league team.

A Mormon dissident and an Islamic dissident meet in Norway.

Wm Morris uses Ally Condie’s Matched to review the use of agency in Mormon literature.

Ardis shares what a couple Danish saints learned in WWII.

Attention creedal Christians who stumble, for some reason, upon this blog: If you have ever wondered about the potentially toxic effects of believing in predestination or Calvinist theories of election, I give you Jim West, devotee of Zwingli, mocker of other folk’s pain.

The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 23, 2011

Bruce Nielson admits he prefers crazy talk to rational discourse.

Patrick Mason burns his bridges with BYU at Juvenile Instructor.

Whoa-man isn’t bragging or anything, but she loves her body.

The mormonsandscience guy is slowly working his way toward believing in Adam-God.

There was a blogger conference yesterday for the Joseph Smith Papers Project. They are releasing the second volume of the Revelations collection. It includes a reconstructed Book of Commandments. See here, here, here and here.

Artemis justifies her longing to be bad by focusing on childhood trauma.

Kevin Barney reviews Eric Huntsman’s latest book, but never asks him if he is running for the presidency in 2012. Bad form, Kevin!

The Police Beat Roundtable returns, but doesn’t return the carpet it took.

Ziff’s list of funny comments comes out (including one by me). It’s a double funny post Wednesday.

The latest profile on Mormon Women is a woman who tries to share music in war-torn areas.