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The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 16, 2011

March 17, 2011

I think I’m doing away with the explicit categories. I’ll let ya’ll determine which is which.

Dane helps the passive-aggressive find self-justification (Why’d he bring my favorite game into it? Why?)

Heather is considering either shipping herself or her children off to Japan.

Caroline at the Exponent expresses holy envy for Reform Judaism, surprising exactly no-one.

Chris Nemelka, to whom the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon was reportedly revealed, will try to justify duping a nice old lady in Salt Lake City this weekend. Who said libraries are boring places?

Never let it be said that Jr. Ganymede can’t overreact to news when necessary.

Cynthia schadens her freude regarding the Church’s stance on immigration.

Eric offers heartfelt thanks to the companion who taught him to be a missionary.

An RM from Japan shares his memories of a town that was in the direct path of the tsunami at By Common Consent and Mormanity considers lessons to be learned from the events in Japan.

Keepa posts some LDS death notices from WWI, from the German side.

At Scholaristas, a consideration of the (intended?) message of empowered skinny women on tv.

Ray clearly doesn’t follow New Cool Thang.

Hey! It turns out that ladies can write, too!

Krista reminds us that right and wrong are absolute, except for when they aren’t (eg. plural marriage).

Dan Wells explores the religious questions frequently asked in science fiction. The Force isn’t mentioned once.

Is this article accusing political opponents of having a myopic worldview hypocritical or just very one-sided?

Andrew gets into an argument about doctrine with, possibly, the stupidest person to ever claim to be Mormon. Andrew thinks its a good idea to derive notions about how all Mormons behave/believe from this conversation. It’s the second act that makes people think you are Anti-Mormon, Andrew.

I agree with Mahonri (that things like “The Book of Mormon: the Musical” are the moral equivalent of minstrel shows), but I wonder if Mormons, with their history, should be making that particular comparison.


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  1. oh gosh :3

  2. “can” overreact? Brother, that’s like saying the Pope can be Catholic. When it comes to overreaction, we’re the Mt. McKinley, we’re the Pour le Merite with a cherry on top.

  3. Thanks for the link.

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