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The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 17, 2011

March 18, 2011

Top O’ the next Mornin’ to ya!

ESO has given up. Now she is just posting random email forwards that she gets from ward members. These two purport to be from the Church Public Affairs officers in Japan, but I think the next she gets will ask her to put some money in a Nigerian bank account.

The Newsroom blog explains that rumors of the church’s neutrality on Immigration were mistaken.

Kent Larsen uses the recent death of Richard Daines to promote his own anti-caffeine agenda. For shame, Kent! God doesn’t care about my Mountain Dew and neither should you!

SteveP does his best Edward Abbey impression and lives to tell the tale.

Keller recalls a former roommate who recently made the news in Vietnam.

At last! Someone is finally applying academic rigor to online Mormon navel-gazing. We’re now getting the attention we think we deserve.

Keller uses the Adjustment Bureau to speculate about how one might depict the Mormon concept of angels in film. He forgets that the most important aspect would be a narrator smugly pointing out that the angels don’t have wings.

Bruce argues that Science is an art, not a science (while also throwing in a plug for Intelligent Design).

Rebecca J is hoping that the Second Coming comes soon, so it won’t matter that she’s not interested in genealogy.

Paul scoffs that LDS Living is suggesting making Addiction Recovery the topic of your next Family Home Evening. Sinner.

Stephen asks, “Should I forget about political posts and go back to other topics?” Never!

Jeff Lindsey is concerned about these Organic Food Co-ops today, with their hair and their clothes and their raunchy music.

Angela reflects on how much her life was defined by her environment in the eighties. Notably, she talks a lot about her hair.

The Church appears to be crowd-sourcing its advertising now.

They are openly discussing “the woman porn” on the AML blog. I can only assume that testimonials of their service to the Adversary are forthcoming.

Ardis keeps supplying polygamy jokes. Clearly, she’s lost her testimony of the Principle. Mayhap that is why she refuses to accept true and living doctrinal insights from random emails.


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  1. Clark permalink

    “Bruce argues that Science is an art, not a science (while also throwing in a plug for Intelligent Design).”

    I didn’t see anything about intelligent design. Rather he appeared to be saying that the fine tuning of the universe is evidence for a strong anthropic principle leading one to conclude by value rather than evidence that there is a God. I’d disagree with such reasoning probably. But it’s definitely not intelligent design.

  2. Ahem–it came from a very trusted source, close to the author. As far as I know, no one in my ward has seen it.

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