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The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 18, 2011

March 19, 2011

Slim pickins today. Must be March Madness.

Derek wonders why we all seem to hate praying, when we all say its really important. I think we’re worried God is judging our breath.

Dawning of a Brighter Day has a weekly post where they just post links to Mormon Arts stuff. Now I’m feeling particularly unoriginal.

The AWL considers the meaning of a world where both Big Love and Sister Wives are on TV and what that means for the future of marriage.

Brother Bob Millet offers an excellent sermon on receiving an assurance of salvation. Please forgive the associated bad art.

Kevin Barney is once again seeking to justify his fascination with the common arts. We are not amused.

Laura Cleaner wonders what the answer is to the golden question “Can you recommend any Mormon art?

Nat Kelly is tired of all the labels. Her pantry is very disorganized.

Broadway’s favorite mostly naked ex-Mormon is interviewed by NPR. They talk about the Hale Center Theatre and Sons of Provo. Good times 🙂


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  1. Why does Sons of Provo always come up, but not Singles Ward or…Captain Moroni. He was not just raised Mormon, but he was actively involved in Morrmon film at BYU.

  2. I think that Sons of Provo is the best of those films. Clearly, he does, too.

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