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The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 19, 2011

March 20, 2011

Erin’s ward is full of bloodthirsty soldiers, driven by a tyrant to conquer the Western Mediterranean. No wonder she sometimes doesn’t feel like going to church.

WVS thinks of me when he thinks of porn. That’s good, right?

Darcee Yates agrees with WVS about the pessimism of Mormon Theology, however she’s looking into alternative viewpoints.

Winterbuzz spends most of this post considering millenarianism in the church, but, if that’s not your cup of postum, she asks two really interesting questions at the end of the post. Consider this permission to skip to the end if you want.

Jeff Lindsey points out that the Church’s relief efforts in Japan are getting some MSNBC love. Michelle has a friend whose husband is directly involved in relief efforts.

SteveP explains why macroevolution isn’t as hard to deal with for evolutionary biologists as some might have you believe.

Can someone point Firetag to all the LDS speculation about Christ’s atonement applying to people on other planets that I seem to remember from days of yore?

Spunky considers a possible reason for extending the priesthood to women.

Matt W. examines Terryl Givens’s approach to the problem of evil and the atonement. He finds it inadequate, but suspects that it’s faults can be overcome in the future via appropriate use of agency and divine intervention.

Tracy M. is jealous of my talent for writing stupid one-liners. I’m jealous of her talent for writing moving autobiographical pieces that put our Church life’s highs and lows in perspective.

Feast Upon the Word tackles the charity lesson in Gospel Principles.

At last, someone is arguing against the plague of anchor babies that come from within the US.

Papa D is unique. If you want to be unique, you should become like him. (Note: I totally stole that joke, which is fitting for this post about individuality and originality). (Note: I then explained why the joke is funny, which makes it unfunny). (Note: although sometimes offering the explanation and then pointing out that the explanation renders the joke unfunny can make the whole thing funny because of the unnecessary explanation. So that’s what I’m going for now).

Krista appears to enjoy wandering the halls of her ward, critiquing the modesty of the Young Women. Someone get her a hobby, quick!

The San Jose Mercury News has had quite a few articles up about the church and homosexuals of late (particularly about reparative therapy). Interesting stuff, not all of it comfort making.

The LA Times notes the role of the Church in the recent passage of a moderate-ish immigration bill in Utah.

Andrew S. also finds New Atheism to be a tedious and mildly delusional intellectual approach to life. Who knows what else he and I have in common? Are you an Ares?

The Atlantic enjoys the way that Big Love tackles feminism.

No sir. This isn’t crazy at all. Perfectly rational approach to emergency preparedness. Let’s just hope there aren’t wolves in the coming apocalypse.

There’s a book out about the LDS sex abuse scandal that went to trial. It doesn’t sound particularly friendly.


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