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The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 20, 2011

March 21, 2011

R. Gary provides a helpful list of prophetic statements regarding evolution which assume that people who believe in evolution are moral midgets and idiots.

Jim F. posts his questions regarding the parables of the talents and the Good Samaritan.

David H. Bailey offers a survey of recent developments and trends in artificial intelligence, suggesting that even when robots run the world, we’ll still get to feel superior to them because we have souls. Neener, neener.

Mike Fitzgerald gives a pretty good pep talk.

Not for nothing, but is Kari Huus Mormon? She really likes talking about Mormons in Japan (ht: T&S).

Aaron R is the new Sister Wendy, getting me to understand art that I might otherwise find silly. Although, the toxic fumes make me wonder about the value of this piece.

Jettboy writes a pretty good post today. My quibble: he seems to wish that people who think our beliefs are strange would also hate us so he could ignore them or something.

The Boston Globe recommends Mormon Literature that isn’t being sold at Deseret Book (ht: T&S).

A letter at Juvenile Instructor offers insight into intra-familial religious distress in early Mormonism and into the editing process at the Ensign.

Hamblin goes through Nibley’s take down of Brodie. Crawford wishes we all just got along.

Connor writes a pretty good post today. My quibble: Smoking pot = drinking Diet Coke? Really?

I don’t mind this effort, but I kinda hate to see the Church get dragged into this sort of political fight.


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