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The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 21, 2011

March 22, 2011

Melissa M considers the possibility that righteousness doesn’t lead to happiness (or does it? (statistically speaking? not really)).

Glenn Beck is quite the strange little man, isn’t he? (ht: T&S)

This story is sure to inspire all those Mormon kids with hoop dreams (ht: T&S).

Dane forgets that in order to seal the deal, you have to really want it. Always Be Closing! (Note: It’s Times and Seasons day on this blog)

Speaking of Dane’s post, Tim wrote up a classic bait and switch. Where’s the dirt, Tim?

Ben hates the Brethren and wants to tear them down. How else to explain his pointing out that they have limits (and admit it)?

Blair Hodges reviews Orson F. Whitney’s Saturday Night Thoughts and WVS goes over the articles of faith (adopted by common consent) in the First Presidency’s 1907 Address to the World. It’s old-timey doctrine day in Bloggernacle.

It’s also old-timey story day! Yay for old-timeyness!

R. Gary complies another list of quotes, this time regarding Caffeine. His conclusion may surprise you.

Elder Scott issues a blanket condemnation of male leadership. ESO reports.

Mel went to the Book of Mormon musical. And she liked it.

Bruce tries to understand what might motivate someone to vandalize a historical marker. My guess: alcohol, hormones, and trying to somehow impress a girl.

I officially want to thank the Wall Street Journal for giving everyone who is spending too much time thinking about how the young women dress license to start calling them hookers. It makes my hobby that much easier.

Andrew S continues to attempt to irritate everybody. Preach on, brother!


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  1. Ben S permalink

    Oh great, now I have to add you to my tearing-down subtext…

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