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The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 24, 2011

March 25, 2011

S. Faux creates a list of odd quirks in Mormonism. I’m surprised it isn’t much, much longer.

Jim F. breaks down John’s Intercessory Prayer.

Blair issues a correction that will probably never be aired on NPR.

Scott delights himself in fatness.

Mark Brown reviews Patrick Mason’s book about Mormonism in my beloved Southland in the post-Civil War period. Good book, ugly period.

Thar’s Rustlers over by Keepa way!

Kent, once again, helps you craft your all-Mormon rotisserie league team.

A Mormon dissident and an Islamic dissident meet in Norway.

Wm Morris uses Ally Condie’s Matched to review the use of agency in Mormon literature.

Ardis shares what a couple Danish saints learned in WWII.

Attention creedal Christians who stumble, for some reason, upon this blog: If you have ever wondered about the potentially toxic effects of believing in predestination or Calvinist theories of election, I give you Jim West, devotee of Zwingli, mocker of other folk’s pain.


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