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The Ridiculous and the Sublime – March 27-28, 2011

March 29, 2011

Considering not being daily in order to salvage my relationships with my family. We’ll see.

Dalene is hinting around about something, but I’m not sure what.

Ben notes an incident of Apostolic doctrinal disagreement.

MCQ considers the poetics of a Book of Mormon prophet.

Grant Hardy suggests ten things everyone should know about the Book of Mormon.

BiV engages in amateur psycho-analysis.

Scott B. offers the first in a series of Mormon-themed Merit Badges: Membership in the Ward.

J. Max makes an interesting analogy and then completely misses his own point. sigh.

Ardis begins a series on a shipwrecked sailor.

Blair reviews a book that does exactly nothing to dispel the common LDS perceptions about excommunicated scholars.

John Hamer reports from the 175th anniversary of the dedication of the Kirtland temple.

Acquinas gives us his notes from the JSPP blogger conference. Ben situates the entire JSPP project in Mormon Historical Research.

Bruce requests advice concerning a tricky historical puzzle.

Mormon Heretic tries to figure out who to believe regarding the connection between female healings and the Priesthood.

In addition to this advice, I say always play Bust a Move by Young MC. People love that song!

WVS wants you to share your stories of being bitten or chased by dogs.

ECS, if the young women looked like dementors, then I think the whole question would be moot.


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